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   AA Cafe Podcast from DoubleShot Coffee Company

Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa Oklahoma's DoubleShot Coffee Company and co-host Mark Brown from as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.

Oct 8, 2021

Meet David Carter, principal clarinetist for the Tulsa Symphony and the Tulsa Opera Orchestra, but better known for being a DoubleShot sponsored runner and triathlete. In this episode, Brian interviews David about his life, career, and sport. Meanwhile, Mark and Brian try to figure out how to just continue...

Sep 17, 2021

Mark and Brian go in-depth on costs associated with coffee and retail pricing structure. The transparency movement in specialty coffee seems to have created some confusion, and this is their attempt to sort that out. 

Aug 30, 2021

We interrupt your regularly scheduled episode of AA Cafe to bring you a special announcement. 

Jul 13, 2021

With the help of DoubleShot barista, Andrew Robinson, Mark and Brian explore various coffee brewing methods you can use at home. Learn about the nuances of using each device, how they effect the taste of the coffee, and which one(s) might be right for you. 

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May 31, 2021

Transubstantiation happens when the Eucharistic bread and wine changes into the body and blood of Christ. Father Gary Kastl visits with Brian about Catholic beliefs and puts up with his tomfoolery in bringing these beliefs to coffee. Mark and Brian bloviate about these things at length. 

To read about Eucharistic...