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   AA Cafe Podcast from DoubleShot Coffee Company

Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa Oklahoma's DoubleShot Coffee Company and co-host Mark Brown from as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.

Nov 29, 2007

We've moved on to become the Emiliano Zapata of coffee podcasting. Isaiah co-hosts again, and we briefly discuss his coffee history. Our advice this week concerns gift-giving (since Christmas time is near and people seem to enjoy buying things for each other this time of year). Three different coffees from DoubleShot...

Oct 22, 2007

We're the Rush Limbaugh of coffee podcasting. That's right. AA Cafe 47 is all about education. Isaiah and Brian give you lots of ideas about how to educate yourself about coffee. So you don't have to "wake up special every day."

Aug 30, 2007

Jogcast #3 The Leadville Trail 100 in Leadville Colorado. My final attempt to finish what many say is the toughtest ultra in the US. You have no idea how hard it is.

Aug 1, 2007

WCD World Coffee Domination. That's what Isaiah (the profit) and I have up our sleeves. It's the podcast that hatches our plan. But first, we discuss how long customers should stay after closing time. And the fact that Starbucks is copying off us again by teaming up with Hershey. And if you hurry up and listen, you...

Jun 7, 2007

Return of the Jedi. Whatever that means. The last of a trilogy of podcasts out of San Fran with Ferraris. A couple of interviews. Jeri from Royal Coffee, one of my brokers. And a coffee farmer from Kenya, Robin shares his story.