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   AA Cafe Podcast from DoubleShot Coffee Company

Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa Oklahoma's DoubleShot Coffee Company and co-host Mark Brown from as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.

Jun 8, 2023

With Tulsa Tough in town this weekend and Mark out of town this week, Brian sits down for a solo session to introduce the latest edition to the DoubleShot Elite: the Omnia Midstream cycling team. They will be competing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in some hot and high-speed criterium races in downtown Tulsa. Captain of...

Apr 7, 2023

Journalist Julie Wenger Watson published a story in April's issue of Tulsa People magazine about the SoBo district of Tulsa. Her interview for the story with DoubleShot owner Brian Franklin was recorded in the AA Cafe studio, and published in this episode. Julie's kid gloves meet Brian's boxing gloves in this episode....

Mar 9, 2023

DoubleShot Coffee Company just turned 19! Mark and Brian discuss the aging of the business as the customer base increases and fans with 19 years under their belts begin to wane. 

Listen in on a brief discussion of Brian and Wiley's trip to Costa Rica. New happenings at La Minita combined with introductions to a few...