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   AA Cafe Podcast from DoubleShot Coffee Company

Explore coffee through history, science, music, and other vaguely-related topics. Join Brian Franklin from Tulsa Oklahoma's DoubleShot Coffee Company and co-host Mark Brown from as they meander around coffee-inspired ideas and engaging interviews.

Apr 30, 2022

Mark Brewin joins us to talk about the function of public spaces, the difference between places and spaces, and the history of media in the public realm. Coffee is obviously the centerpiece of it all.

Mar 2, 2022

In this marathon episode celebrating the 18th birthday of DoubleShot Coffee Company, Mark recounts specific events along the timeline as Brian tries to explain what happened. Find yourself immersed in DoubleShot lore and then go to to tell about your own...

Dec 23, 2021

Mark and Brian celebrate the end of 2021 with their annual list of ten things. Drinking a Gesha coffee from Finca Momoto, the duo rattle off people who've influenced their writing and coffee careers. Paul Bowman stops by with his bagpipes to perform Auld Lang Syne on the shortest day of the year. 

And there's a hand, my...

Dec 14, 2021

Gene Leiterman from Glacier Confection stops by for a visit at the AA Cafe studio to talk about how chocolate is made, from the tree all the way to the bar. Glacier's collaboration with DoubleShot Coffee Company came to a culinary pitch this year with the creation of four unique dark chocolate bars infused with the four...

Nov 20, 2021

Doug Casebeer, artist in residence at The University of Oklahoma and world-renowned potter, sat down in the AA Cafe studio to talk about art, the shapes of things, the environment, and the handmade object. Doug has just finished his second piece for DoubleShot Coffee Company, The Crosstimber Cup, a sequel to The Rookery...